life as I know it (part one)

just adding posts from my other blog now.. ^_^ trust me, it’s interesting~


This next week will be lots of fun.

Three extra days off, and I’m going to lobby for a fourth, so I can go to a conference, where a new church member will be baptized! I really want to go, but Saturday is the busiest day, so I don’t know how possible that is 0_o. Well, I will fight for it. I hope I don’t have to fight too hard!

Also, this week is the FIRST ENGLISH CELL GROUP MEETING! At my place! wow! I hope I can be a good host~ I hope it goes well too! Pretty exciting.

Also, starting ballroom dance classes this week. Wow, Tuesdays are pretty busy.. regularily I have French class and ballroom class.

Today at church, I offered to teach Massun Christian English lessons after church once a month. I’m looking forward to that.I wonder if anyone else in the church is interested? I look for textbooks on the internet, and have a few in mind to order. One is from PROV!, but it’s pretty expensive. Well, the other is way cheaper, so I will order it anyway, and check it out.

Going to Costco on Wednesday, and meeting Natsumi~ that’s exciting.

Thursday I have nothing planned, so I might go to Ezu Lake, and go row boating/swimming~

Oh, I really hope I can go to the conference!!!

dreaming of a winter wonderland

last night I dreamt about winter.

I was in Price Chopper in Huntsville with Vikki, because she was delivering some break up notices. She and Susan were breaking up with maybe five people, so Vikki was deliveringsome like Dear John letters. Anyway, we were leaving Price Chopper and we had got to the car (I was driving! and it was stillon the left side~ not Japanese style) and she remembered  one more letter she had to deliver in Price Chopper, so I drove the car to the entrance and she went in as I waited in the car. Then she came out, got in the car and we drove away.

As we were driving through the parking lot, there was a giant discus of ice and snow that slid off our car, which only our rear tires bumbed over.

Then life turned into a game! I cant remember wa the point of the game was, but somehow we had to get the other cars off the road/parking lot (which was still full of cars). So there were three teams. Each team had a car, I was driving the car for my team, just fooling around, even though I should have been helping build the blockade. Actually, my team didn’t do anything.  The other two teams, one was Vikki’s, the other was Susan’s, built some decent blockades. Vikki’s was like a ramp, and you could try to go over it, but you’d probably wreck the car, and so I didn’t drive over it.

Also, Vikki’s blockade was by an entrance to the parking lot, so they covered up some ice so the car would slip and you’d go off the road. Susan’s group’s blockade was much smaller. They only had some ice to slip on, and a little line of snow across another entrance which was about only a foot high.

So as I was driving around, I avoided Vikki’s ramp, and slipped on the ice by her territory, and after I regained control of the car, I went to Susan’s territory and Vikki’s team went over to help her so I wouldn’t ruin her blockade. As I was preparing to drive through, however, my dream faded.

As I was fading in and out of consciousness, I remembered all the good winter fun I had as a child, and had little dreams of romping in the snow on a snow day. oh, good times! and then, as I woke up more and more, I remembered that I’m not going to be able to have such fun this year. I don’t think the nearby lake will even freeze over! yeesh~


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