I love You Lord,
And I lift my voice
to worship You,
Oh my soul,
Take joy my King,
in what you hear.
May it be a sweet, sweet sound
in Your ear.


Never could imagine that God is pleased with me.

I am in my box.. I can’t let myself out~

But I want more.

Oh, I want more of God so much!

but I can’t let myself out of the box.

And I sin so much! yeesh~

God is pleased with me! I can’t believe it~

After talking with Yoji and Kyoko and Yuka today after church for about two hours (!!), and praying..

these are my thoughts.


I can’t let go of my fears.

I need God to gently take them away.

There is no way on earth that I could do it myself.

I need God to do it. And then replace the new empty space with Him.

Going deeper.

When is God’s timing? If He wants me to have this gift so much now, but I can’t take it..

Is that His timing, or mine?

I can’t be ready now.

Getting ready, but not yet.

This week? Next week?

Next year?

Last week?

God, I just want more of you!!


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