Not Invited.

You are NOT invited. Don’t come. Unless you are a part of this church, are FLUENT in English and have a strong desire to know God and those of us in this small cell group. You are NOT invited.

Because it’s frustrating when everyone is chatting away in Japanese during English cell group.

Because I’m not really that comfortable around non-believers yet. I’ve only become good friends with non-believers recently.

Because I’m tired, just tired, and need to refresh.

Because I hate big groups. I need to share my soul, but can’t if there are many people around. I just can’t.


Where The Love Lasts Forever, Hillsong United

Your mercy found me,
Upon the broken road,
And lifted me beyond my failing,
Into Your glory,
My sin and shame dissolved,
And now forever Yours I’ll stand.

In love never to end,
To call You more than Lord,
Glorious friend.

So I throw my life upon all You are,
‘Cause I know You gave it all for me,
And when all else fades,
My soul will dance with You,
Where the love lasts forever.

And forever I will sing,
Lord forever I will sing,
Of how You gave Your life away,
Just to save me, Lord You saved me.

With You, where the love lasts forever.




Rescue Is Coming

by David Crowder Band

There’s a darkness in my skin
My cover’s wearing thin, I believe
I’d love to start again, go back to innocent
And never leave

Don’t give up now
A break in the clouds
We could be found
There’s nothing wrong with me
It’s just that I believe things could get better
And there’s nothing wrong with love
I think it’s just enough to believe

Rescue is coming
Rescue is coming
Rescue is coming
Rescue is coming

And there’s nothing wrong with you
And nothing left to do
But believe something bigger
And there’s nothing wrong with love
I know it’s just enough to believe

Don’t give up now
A break in the clouds
We will be found
Rescue is coming now


my struggle is over now. I have my answer. I know where I need to go.

Oh, but I am so weak, and I can’t get past my fears. A Great Wall.

Will I have the strength to call on God’s name, and give Him my all?

So now all I can do is wait for rescue to come.