My friend asked me to marry him, and I said yes. I don’t know why I did it, because it’s not something I would normally do.. I didn’t really want to marry him. But I committed, and I guess I did have secret feelings for him. Then I went to Ruthie’s house to get ready for the wedding. But I didn’t have a dress. “Don’t worry,” she said, “because I have a dress here we use for that kind of thing.” Other girls have worn it to their weddings? Apparently. But when I saw the dress, it didn’t matter that other girls had worn it because it was really pretty. It was a short, yellow dress, which was actually very see through, so I had to wear something underneath. But I didn’t have anything to wear. “Well, we’ll find something,” Ruthie said. So we went to her room, which had five closets for all her clothes! I can’t imagine.. Well, I was wearing brown cordoury pants, and a white t-shirt, and didn’t have anything else to wear, so she said, “I guess you’ll have to wear these pants.” I would wear the shirt anyway. I set my bag down and suddenly remembered that I brought my black pants! So I whipped them out of the bag, “Aha! I brought my black pants! Take that!” And Ruthie conceded.  The only other thing was, would the yellow dress actually fit me? And would it look good with the black pants? We’ll never know…

I was getting really worried about marrying this guy, so I went to ask my Dad for some advice. It was winter, and we were standing on a road with big snowbanks. He gave me some good advice, which I forget (O_o). But I was so thankful for my Dad, and loved him very much. Then my Mom comes along, and we are talking as she is walking up to us, but I forget the topic. It doesn’t matter, though, because I could totally see that my Dad was really in love with my Mom, and she him. My Dad threw a snowball at my Mom, and she threw one back. I tried three times but missed Mom (T_T). Then my Dad tackled Mom and gently threw her into the snowbank. It was lovely to see this banter between my parents. I felt so much love for them.

Then I went to a restaurant with my fiance (were we married? I don’t know..) and another woman and her baby (or is it my baby? I’m not too sure..). And the baby was fussing, so the woman (I really don’t know this woman! But she reminded me a little of Ann and Anne in Allensville when I lived there) went to take care of the baby, and I thought it would be better if she could sit next to the baby, so it’s just easier for us all. But I didn’t want to sit beside my fiance, feelings which I was trying to hide. I did anyway.

Then I went to the chapel in Prov, where many of the students were doing a dance performance! I was there with Michelle, watching many of our friends dance! Immediately after finding our seats, the dance started, and it was really neat! In the dance were SJ, Crystal, Loreena and many faces I recognize from Prov, but don’t know the names! Prov is a nice place, but I’m glad I’m not there anymore (^_^).


5 thoughts on “[untitled]

  1. Steph says:

    haha.. is it safe to say that you are random my girl? i had no idea this was a dream at first (stupidly) and i was like? married? what? what’s happening!!!
    i’m glad you dreamed of your Dad… they are such blessings, aren’t they? so cool!

    • pompernikkle says:

      why thank you ^^ yes, I thought about reactions, but then said, “screw it, they’ll figure out it’s a dream or ask me.”
      I haven’t ever had a dream like this before, about my Dad, and yes, it was really beautiful! I wish I could know him as an adult.. (me being the adult!)

  2. Teke says:

    Ah, Allensville! Do you remember the Christmas we came back from ‘the farm’ and there was more than a foot of snow everywhere? We had to park the car on the road and your Dad shovelled the driveway and I cleaned the snow off the roof before we did anything else. It was so beautiful.

    • pompernikkle says:

      hmm.. no, can’t say I do remember that.. But I was really glad I had this dream, just because I saw you and Dad interacting, even though it was my imagination ^^

  3. Teke says:

    Yes, it would have been a fine thing if you could know him as an adult. And he you. I see him in you and Susan mostly. Funny, caring, serious, warm. I see him in the way Vikki walks and sometimes in how you carry yourself. I miss all those things about my own Dad. Having him to talk to and learn from and just be with.

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