What Did Adam Say On The First Christmas?

I don’t think I ever fully woke up yesterday.Saturday and Sunday were super busy, and long days. Monday was a normal day, but it’s always long. But I couldn’t rest on Tuesday! Washington staff had planned three Christmas parties on this day, two children’s parties (split because the room wasn’t big enough for both at once) and an adult party. I left home at 8:30, and got back home at 9:20.

Actually, these parties were a lot of fun, and I enjoyed myself. But because I was so tired, it was hard to be so genki.

The children’s party: The room looked really beautiful! It was a traditional Japanese tatami room, and the ceiling’s lights were really pretty ^^ There was a small stage at one end, so we decorated it with Christmas decorations, and I organized a white board with large Christmas vocabulary words, and I was really impressed with the final product. Sometimes, I have gone to such Christmas parties and wanted to be a part of them, because they looked really good, and this year I got to. Satisfying. So, there was a finger play time, led by yours truly and Yuka Saruwatari,  and another teacher read The Gingerbread Man. Then we had two crafts: we provided gingerbread man cookies, and the kids got to decorate one: I tried to buy cookies off some kids.. three hundred yen for a cookie is a good deal! I even offered my bus card to two students, but they wouldn’t take it. Oh, if only they had know that I still had about 2800 yen on the card! But it was a lot of fun, and actually two students would have given me the cookie, but I said, “I think you should enjoy the cookie, but thank you!”
The other craft was decorating a Christmas picture frame.
Then we went back to the stage, the kids sang the phonics song they have been learning in class, and we sang, “We wish you a Merry Christmas!” and Santa came! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe Santa came! But I think the kids figured out pretty quickly that it was a teacher, Kevin! ^^ Then the kids left, and got a present from Santa. I got to be Santa’s helper! One of them, anyway. Each student brought a present, they were collected at the beginning, and sacked (put into sacks). Then Mikiko and I handed them to Santa to give to the students. The End.

Except, once more please! The second children’s party was the exact same. Except a teacher didn’t read The Gingerbread Man, three sisters, Aoi, Haruka and Natsumi, who had spent 2 years in Montana and had fluent English read the book. Oh, Aoi-chan is so cute! Simply adorable, I’m so happy she’s my student~

Then we went to a restuarant called “Buenos Aires” to have the adult’s party. tabehodai and nomihodai commenced! (all you can eat and drink, respectively: taberu is to eat and nomiru is to drink). Two games, a word puzzle and Christmas Taboo (I love Taboo!). I was so tired at this party, though! I’m surprised I lasted the whole day. Santa of course had come and given presents to each student (which the students had brought, we had mixed up, put into bags and Will, Kevin and I went to each student at their table bringing the “Christmas cheer”, helped by Kyoko, Yuka and Mayu). One of the two guys at my table (everyone else at my table was an airline student) gave me his present from Santa, which was a Hello Kitty “mira- and co-mu” (mirror and comb!). Immediately I decided to regift this for one of my students. Hello Kitty is not high on my list of “wanted items”. But thanks for the thought.

Also at this party was a “lottery”, where names were drawn to win prizes, the grand prize being a flight to Osaka or Tokyo (they could chose where to go)! Round trip, for two people, I believe. Surprise! There were two grand prizes! Oh my! Surprise again! THREE! Wow! Then us teachers and Washington staff went to the front for the end-of-year-speeches. Also we sang a song. We sang the same song we sang at the childrens party, which was a song from my favourite TV show when I was little (Sharon, Lois, and Brahm, or The Elephant Show). Yes, we sang “Skinnimarink” for adults. I was kind of embarrassed, but they enjoyed it. “Kawaiii!” (cute!) Then Mr. T. got everyone to stand up and sing along! Well, they just did the actions, I don’t thnk many caught the words. Finally, we took a picture. Everyone crowded up the the front, we held up a WIL sign, and I almost died from the body heat! As we teachers were lined up saying goodbye to the students, the guy who had given me his present said, “Jennifer!” (except it sounded more like, “je-knee-faaa!” and gave me a hug. Yes, too much to drink. Can you say awkward? But thanks to Kevin, he also got a hug (instigated by Kevin). Sometimes I don’t like being the only femail teacher at WIL.

Then Mr. T. treated us employees to the leftovers! (Actually, there was food provided for us upstairs, so we didn’t just get leftovers!) We went around the tables and finished what the students didn’t eat. It was cold, though really delicious. I would love to go back to that restaurant.

Finally, I arrived at home, took a bath (I love Lush’s Bath Bombs! Wow!), watched a movie and went to sleep. Now, I’m going to make cookies.


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