I’m getting really sick and tired of “News”. It’s so redundant, and many stories should be so obvious. “Cleaner Air Lengthens Life”. No shit, Sherlock. There are so many news programs out there that have some news 24-7, it’s hard to distinguish what’s important and what’s not these days, it seems like. There are so many stories that I wonder, “Is this something we really need to know?” A lot of this frustration comes from the infatuation with Obama these days. Yes, it’s cool that he’s president of America, yes, it’s pretty amazing and historical, but do we need to suck the story so dry, it would burst out into flames the minute the sun comes out? Probably Not. And what’s the point about debating with other “commoners” about these lofty governmental ideas/programs? We can’t change the government, one by one, and your opinion really doesn’t matter. Just your vote.

And with the receding economies around the world, all the major corporations are getting so greedy. I blame Uncle Sam. And the Love of Money, which, as Jesus warned, is the Root Of All Evil. Preach it, brother! My co-worker told me this morning that Microsoft cut 5000 workers (about 5 % of the work force), yet they had a $14 billion surplus last year. Are you serious? Well, I believe it, at any rate, which is even more distressing.

When the world can get no worse, it takes a nose dive.

All this talk makes me want to go live in a cave. Get away, have nothing to do with these cultures. I hate it! Gah!

*storms off*


Forever God~

I had a dream while I was in college, it was frighteningly vivid and real. I had gone to bed either angry, or complacent. Either way, my heart was in dire straits. I was walking through a beautiful forest, I love forests! Suddenly, the path divided into two ways, and I had to choose which way to go. However, this wasn’t such an easy decision, as I knew I had to choose either God, or Not God. The path I chose represented my decision, and this would affect my entire life. If I choose Not God in the dream, then my waking life would be so different, and my waking heart would follow that path. If I chose God, my waking life and heart would obey this decision. It was such a real decision, and I knew it. I woke up in the middle of the night, right after this dream, and I was so frightened.

At the time, I chose God. I could not ever afford to give up God. I would die.
And now, again, I am faced with this choice. God, or Not God.
And yet again, God is faithful! He will not give me up without a fight!
I am so loved and precious to Him, and I can see everyday how He has blessed me!
I am forever filled with thanks and praise to Him who lifted me up out of the mire.
Forever Mine. He Will Never Let Go!