Forever God~

I had a dream while I was in college, it was frighteningly vivid and real. I had gone to bed either angry, or complacent. Either way, my heart was in dire straits. I was walking through a beautiful forest, I love forests! Suddenly, the path divided into two ways, and I had to choose which way to go. However, this wasn’t such an easy decision, as I knew I had to choose either God, or Not God. The path I chose represented my decision, and this would affect my entire life. If I choose Not God in the dream, then my waking life would be so different, and my waking heart would follow that path. If I chose God, my waking life and heart would obey this decision. It was such a real decision, and I knew it. I woke up in the middle of the night, right after this dream, and I was so frightened.

At the time, I chose God. I could not ever afford to give up God. I would die.
And now, again, I am faced with this choice. God, or Not God.
And yet again, God is faithful! He will not give me up without a fight!
I am so loved and precious to Him, and I can see everyday how He has blessed me!
I am forever filled with thanks and praise to Him who lifted me up out of the mire.
Forever Mine. He Will Never Let Go!


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