1 out of 4

Key Indicators for a life that’s pleasing, honouring to God:
1 Peter 1:13-22

fuel gauge = hope (v13) Set your hope: focused conscious choice, confidant expectation of something better tomorrow.

altimeter (height above sea level; don’t pay attention and you will exit acceptable airspace) = holiness (v.14) He called us to be holy. set apart in character, conduct, calling. “Be holy for I am holy”

attitude display indicator (shows position according to the horizon) = fear (v17), reverent fear of God. respect, want to be in right relationship with God, will I do what I want that will satisfy me for 67 seconds? No, because I’m afraid of how that will affect me and how will God respond? thieves on the cross.. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom”, in Prov. & Psalms; if you don’t have the foundation of fear you are in danger.


air speed indicator (speedometer) =love, earnestly, fervently, deeply, “to stretch out”, put effort into it.. love those who are difficult to love, “all men will know you are my disciples if you love one another” love the hardest person to love.

obedience; rom 1:5, 16:26; obed. of faith, then obed. of truth

How Am I Doing?

hope = yes, I hope. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

holiness = hmm.. I have been struggling with this all year. How can my coworkers see that I my life is different from their, because of Christ? Is there really a difference? They sometimes call me “Happy Girl” because I’m joking or laughing a lot, which, IMO, I can only do because of the joy that God has given me. But I don’t really feel separate from my coworkers. Well, one of them is really pessimistic, which is sooo frustrating, but another coworker is a really great guy — good morals (for the most part), an honest, caring guy who would be an amazing Christian, if only he could believe. But am I really set apart from these guys? It frustrates me to no end that I can’t see it. Gah. I am not as holy as I should be.

fear = Do I fear God? I’m going to say, no. I do a little, but not enough by any means. I don’t often do “devotions”, which I feel like I should do. I do commune with God in other ways — writing out the Bible in a notebook, through music, through listening to sermons like these. But, and especially since I’ve got my computer back, I haven’t been doing what my heart really desires — communing with God. However, I didn’t really do that during Lent either. I found other things to occupy my time. As Kevin said, I have to make the concious decision on my own to do it, I can’t expect outside factors to do it for me (we were talking about something slightly different, but it still applies).

love = I love people. Most people. I can think of two people off the top of my head whom I find really difficult to love. And I don’t even try. One of them is so unbelievably irritating that I don’t even talk to them for the most part. And I see them about four day a week. I knew a couple days after I met him that he would be so difficult to love, and I must say that I have really failed this test God has brought my way.

Ah, what a difficult message! And I know, I can see areas where I need to change, where I HAVE to change, but will I? Can I force myself to? All I can end with is, God help me!


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