I really need a vacation. I can’t wait until I can go back to Canada again. Mostly because it means 16 days where I don’t have to teach! Sure, there will be other things to do, but it’s different from teaching at WIL.
Yesterday, I went to the bar with Naomi, and as I was biking home in the rain, I started to feel really terrible and weird emotionally. There are a couple reasons. One I just mentioned, others I’m not going to mention.

Yesterday was my day off, so I cancelled all my plans and had a non-sick-sick-day, so I hardly left my bed. I made some potatoes, brownies and pancakes throughout the day, but other than that I was in bed. Watching movies, reading or sleeping. It was really nice. But something’s going on with my emotions and I can’t control it.

I’m hitting a wall, and I can’t see the way around it.



Last weekend was crazy. Seriously. I didn’t think I could play that hard.

242 was cancelled on Saturday night because of the special service on Sunday (Happy Men’s Day, in honour of Father’s Day), so Hitomi and I wanted to go to karaoke! wooh! Carolyn, Tomoyo and Tomoko came along, and it was so fun. (However, before we went to karaoke, Carolyn and I made three cheesecakes for the special service… 疲れた!!) We were at Shidax! Please for two hours… we sang a wide variety of songs… I sang three Japansee songs. Well, I only knew the chorus to one of them, but it was so fun! And the other two I mostly knew. First Love by Utada Hikaru and Dear by lecca. One of my favourites that we sang that night was the Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. bwahahaha, that is now a karaoke must! Also the Beatles, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Disney, Joan Osborne etc etc. Japanese style karaoke is so fun.

And then on Sunday, after the service, the youth went to Round1, a game centre. 13 people went for fun in the sun! 🙂 There were so many activities to do… I tried out the bucking bronco (wow, that was crazy! I was so dizzy.. it was like one of those little kid toys in malls in Canada, insert some coins and go for a ride in the helicopter, car, train, whatever~ But this bronco was way more intense. It started out slow, then sped up, spinned around, and I stayed on for probably less than 30 seconds!

By the way, we paid to get in, then everything inside (minus drinks & food etc.) was free.

I also did some roller blading, soccer, basketball, ping pong, billiards, air hockey, archery… oh my gosh. it was great.

The only down side was that I was so sore the next day. And today. Monday was a kids day, so I had to get up off the floor so many times… ouch.

Round 1 is actually pretty close to my place, so if I really wanted to, I could go there… but by myself is less fun, so I will try to go with friends.

Hopefully I can go swimming tonight!