I really need a vacation. I can’t wait until I can go back to Canada again. Mostly because it means 16 days where I don’t have to teach! Sure, there will be other things to do, but it’s different from teaching at WIL.
Yesterday, I went to the bar with Naomi, and as I was biking home in the rain, I started to feel really terrible and weird emotionally. There are a couple reasons. One I just mentioned, others I’m not going to mention.

Yesterday was my day off, so I cancelled all my plans and had a non-sick-sick-day, so I hardly left my bed. I made some potatoes, brownies and pancakes throughout the day, but other than that I was in bed. Watching movies, reading or sleeping. It was really nice. But something’s going on with my emotions and I can’t control it.

I’m hitting a wall, and I can’t see the way around it.


One thought on “Wall

  1. Teke says:

    Here in Canada people of immigrant nations congregate in communities and want their kids to learn the ‘old ways’ so the culture doesn’t get lost in the new country. It tends to backfire but every culture tries it.

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