Things I’ve Been Thinking About Recently.

1. I’m looking forward to not only my future travels… to Fukuoka, Oita, Aso, Canada, and Tokyo (stay tuned to my Facebook for pictures!), but also to when it will be over and life can resume in some sort of normalcy. I’m really looking forward to going to airports again. I really enjoy waiting in airports. It’s weird. But I love travelling!

2. How is best to sell my computer? Take it to Canada? Find a foreigner here who will buy it? It’s not a Japanese laptop, and a part needs to be fixed. It’s probably difficult to find the part in Japan, so Tech Support (Kevin, my coworker) recommends taking it to Canada and selling it. Any takers?

3. Related to selling my computer, I’ve been thinking that if I do sell it, then would I buy another one? Maybe not for awhile. I’d like to see what it’s like to not have a computer, to see how long I can survive. I’ve realized that I use my computer so often because living alone is lonely, so it’s my way to stay connected to other people, whether in Japan or Canada. I gave up my computer for Lent, and that was good for me to do. I don’t really need it, and could mail people more. Oh, but it will be weird to not have a computer again. A good weird. There are many things I could do, that I want to do but I spend a lot of my time on the computer instead.

4. I think I’ve decided to stay at WIL for another year, if they’ll have me (which I’m confident that they will). Mostly for financial reasons.

5. Today I’m going to try to make some boterkoek. It’s been years since I’ve had it, and I like baking a lot and want to increase my baking repertoire. I also want to find a good recipe for butter tarts. I’ve been cooking more recently, which kind of sucks because it’s already so hot so using my oven or stove is much less fun.

6. God threw me for a loop in the speaking in tongues business. On Sunday, I asked my friend how he became a Christian (a lot of Christians in Canada grew up in Christian homes, and that’s not the case 90% of the time in Japan nowadays, so it’s interesting to me!) and he said that he went to summer camp and met Jesus there. But God gave him the gift of speaking in tongues before my friend actually met Jesus. Does that make sense? I still can’t sort it out, and I’m thinking a lot these days about how I worship God.

7. On Sunday, I was helping carry things back to the church (we have a special service once a month at the exhibition hall next to our church building). I took two large “walls” about 2.5 meters high and 1 meter wide (about..) it was pretty awkward to carry two at once, but it was not too difficult for me. But the boys wouldn’t let me carry them, and took them from me. Gah! (Well, I let him take it, so really it’s partly my fault!) If I couldn’t do it, I wouldn’t, but I could, and I was! Why did they not want me to? I wouldn’t have hurt myself, unless I tripped or something. Well, next time I’ll show them. bwahahaha. I am not a Japanese girl — the majority of whom are not as hardcore as Western women. gah. It’s so frustrating. Be strong, Jenn!

8. I want a hammock. I found one on Amazon for about $20. Cheap!


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