cooking/Christmas in July!

Now I am cooking potatoes and chicken breast. It made me think of Christmas (I also have the air conditioning on! so cool and comfortable!), so I decided to put on some Christmas music. Oh, I am soooo happy now! Christmas is by far my favourite season of the year!


One thought on “cooking/Christmas in July!

  1. Teke says:

    cooking is an art, isn’t it? I love cooking formyself. Then I can be selfish and eat what I like, how I like it. The hardest thing after all the years of cooking for others was always trying to please the others at the table. So the question was what do we want to eat. Now I can happily shop and cook and clean without worrying about pleasing others.
    Occassionally I do try to please the other person living here by cooking foods we both like but it’s less of an issue now than it was before. Likely it should not have been an issue before but it was.

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