Today, I was invited to go to a bbq with an ex-coworker (her mom needed her to work in her… store…?) in her hometown, Yatsushiro (actually, Izumi), with some of her family.

Of course I’d like to go!

I brought my bathing suit, but I didn’t feel like changing, so I just went swimming in my clothes. Oh gosh, the water was sooo cold, but it was so beautiful! The current was really strong, and I almost got swept away a couple times, but I finally got to dive! It has been about two years since I’ve been able to dive into fresh water like that! Wow, so wonderful.

And the food was delicious! Beef, veggies, and a mochi-cheese-potato thing that was heavenly!

So wonderful.

And now I want to go to buy ice cream and have some cake that I made! yum!


One thought on “Sunday

  1. Teke says:

    Kind of like a foreigner in a sea of Japanese faces?

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