This morning, I took the bus to work. I only had a sen yen bill on me (about 10 dollars) and I had to make change for the bus (there is a change machine on the bus). So at the stop before my stop, I went to make change at the front of the bus (it was full of other people!)

But the machine wouldn’t take my bill, so I asked the driver for help. He said he didn’t have another sen yen bill, so kept trying to put it through the machine. It wouldn’t work, so my other option was to buy a sen yen bus card, but suddenly the bus driver remembered (or saw?) that he had other sen yen bills.

So the entire bus was sitting and waiting for my change for at least a minute (which felt like a loooong time!) before it finally got sorted out.

The phrase, “sticks out like a sore thumb” comes to mind. @_@


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