Last week, for the holiday, I went to Tokyo with some of my co-workers.

We took a tour around Tokyo, went to the Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace, Asakusa (a famous shrine and shopping place), Yasukuni shrine (which is dedicated to all the people who fought for Japan since 1852, or there abouts), Ueno Zoo and the National Museum. It was so fascinating. But I wish I could have met my friends who live in Tokyo! Well, next time, I will try to meet them!

One thing I want to do before I leave Japan permanently (if that happens!!) is to actually go inside the Imperial Palace. If I don’t want to arrange beforehand for a tour, then I can go inside only on two days of the year: The Emperor’s Birthday (Dec 23) or Jan 2 (New Year’s Greetings). The Imperial Family is so fascinating to me!
Also, I want to go to Roppongi, Harajuku, and Mount Fuji. So I will plan a one or two week vacation for Tokyo then! Oh, and Disneyland would be fun too.

During the trip, we went to a steak house and ordered a pitcher of beer. I never drink beer, but I decided to have a bit this time. I got hyper, and managed to spill some beer on the child sitting next to me. T.T

At the zoo, an elephant “danced” for us. It was pretty epic. I also got to see some really awesome animals. It was kind of funny to me that there were Canadian Geese in the zoo, but they are rare around here, so it makes sense, eh? It was fun to see some Canadian animals. But there were no raccoons or loons. I love loons, and I wish there was one in the zoo. Too bad. But there was a toucan, and some other pretty awesome birds.

At Asakusa Jinja, there were too many people and the shrine (jinja) is under construction, so there wasn’t that much good architecture to check out. It was only okay. I’m not really a big fan of going to temples. Although the buildings are really beautiful!

The hotel I stayed at was the main hotel for the Air France employees, so there was a lot of French around the hotel, even a couple French TV channels. But I didn’t speak to anyone in French. I’m not that good.

I went to T.G.I.Friday’s for the first time. I ate a salad with avocados and blue cheese. It was really good. I got it mostly because of the avocados and blue cheese.

All in all, I have flown six times in the past five weeks. I’m so tired of flying now. I don’t want to be on an airplane again for a long time. But Ships and/or trains are okay!

It was a good trip. I had fun, enjoyed spending the time with my co-workers, for the most part. But I’ve become tired of travelling, so I think I will stay in Kumamoto for awhile. (Also, I will stay here because I am poor now!)


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