Today I had a six-month-old baby come to my class for a trial. Only about five days ago, she started sitting up.

My computer is sick, so either I will get a remote keyboard or sell it back to Tech Support (my coworker). Depends on if he can fix it or not, and if I can actually give up my computer.

I really want to go swimming, but am so poor, I can’t even afford the train ticket. Well, I get paid in about two weeks, and have enough food to last until then. Also, I’ve been walking everywhere, so I’ve lost some weight too. I’m enjoying walking all the time, but I should eat more vegetables. Ahhh, getting healthy!

Also, because I’m poor, I’ve been cooking a lot more. I am realizing again that I love cooking. I wish there was someone else to cook with. Anybody wanna a roommate in Japan? (Also because I hate doing the dishes!)

I learned that “bimbo” in Japanese means a poor person. I was really shocked when I first heard it, because my teacher said, “you’re a bimbo, aren’t you?”. But now I know what it means.

I might be acquiring a new bicycle for free in the near future. Hopefully I can keep this one until I leave Kumamoto.

I have been thinking recently of winter and Canadian things in general, so I miss it a lot. Sometimes I seriously think about moving to Winnipeg. Could I do it? I could probably get a job teaching English in a school, or do an apprenticeship (to be a baker! fun!) But I have at least one more year to complete here before that’s a viable option.

I’m starting to think about my job for next year. Am I going to stay at Washington? Most likely, but I wonder if I could get a job that’s during the day instead of the evenings.

Last Sunday, we had the Washington Halloween Festival. There was a parade for the children (soo cute!) and a party for the adults. I really enjoyed the parade, but I was definitely not happy during the party (sometimes, I really don’t like people). Mr. T made all the foreign teachers (five of us) get up and make a speech. I just got up, said, “Happy Halloween” and sat down.

Yesterday I stayed at home all day. It was so fun. I cleaned my bathroom, did some laundry, watched some movies, made some pita-pizza (only because I was too lazy to make the crust) and had a nap. I was supposed to go to a small group at my church, the first English cell group that is starting, but I decided not to go. It turns out that we didn’t even have it, because Andre (the leader) didn’t go. He didn’t email us to tell us that it’s cancelled, though, so I wonder if Yuka went? I’m sorry, Yuka!


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