March 28, 2010

Next week, my church is having an Easter service in OMUTA. The youth are going on Saturday night, and we’re going to have a campfire! Yay! I don’t think that when I went to Canada last fall, we had a campfire.. Too bad! But things were so busy with the wedding and all. So, this will be my first campfire in about two years. Oh man, I miss them a lot! Actually, I know of a place where there is a public fire once a year, and it’s probably taboo to have one there without registering it, or something. But I would like to try. ^^ See if I get into any trouble.. haha. Actually, I do kind of want to see what it’s like to get arrested. But of course not for something serious. Watch these words come back to haunt me someday!


Later in April, my church (along with some other Christian groups in KUMAMOTO) are going back to Prison for an Easter service (every year, there’s an Easter and Christmas service at one prison in town, a men’s prison, for long-term offenders). You might remember me talking about doing the Lifehouse Everything Skit for 242’s Christmas service, and then again for my church’s 8 year anniversary, and my pastor has asked that we do it in the prison service. In the original, the beloved is a female, but we are going to change it for the prison service, so that the men can see themselves in place of the beloved.
It’s going to be interesting, partly because we’re not sure if Aki, who played Jesus previously, can come, because he has a new job, and doesn’t know the schedule for April. And there are not many boys who can replace him. I am going to try to get someone to video tape our dress rehersal, and then I will post it on Youtube. More details to follow.


Last week, at work, I had a trial lesson with a three year old girl. Now, that’s nothing new, as I have many students who are three, or around three years old. The odd thing was that this class was a private class. Usually the three year old students are in Mommy and Kids or a Kids Class, but I’ve never heard of a three year old in a private lesson. I think it’s partly because she doesn’t want to be in a class with other students, maybe she’s shy, or who knows what. But the family must be rich, because private lessons are expensive.
But Saika is now my student on Friday afternoons, and it’s going to be interesting to see how quickly she learns English from coming once a week. Her mom doesn’t speak much English, but wants Saika to learn. I need to make a good long-term plan for this class.


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