For my spiritual food, I listen to Walk in the Word. The teaching is Biblically based, and well, I like to relate it to taking a Bible class at Prov. So good.

And for their theme song, it’s a guy singing, and I really like his voice (so sexy!) and I wanted to find out who is singing! But how could I find out? There is no way, really to do so, so I just left it unanswered.

A couple months ago, WITW had a contest to re-do their theme song. I was kinda surprised, because their original theme song is so good! But today they said that they are not going to get rid of their current theme song (then why did they do the contest??? anyway..), which is by David Crowder.


I love David Crowder!! His hair is epic, and his music is amazing. So happy to find out.

How He Loves


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