Happy Canada Day!

So, for Canada Day this year, I decided to make pumpkin bread. This is how it went down.

Step 1. Buy missing ingredients and bread pan.
2. Fuck up the recipe. (I know how to bake, but I didnt read the recipe properly and I forgot that you’re supposed to mix the wet and dry ingredients separately, then mix them together.)
3. Use a Japanese oven. They generally cook faster than Canadian ovens. So, the recipe said to cook it at 350 deg. F. I was lazy and just guessed what Celsius temperature to cook at, and for how long. So I put it at 180 for 40 minutes. However, 20 minutes later, the outside was nice and brown but the inside was all liquid-y. So I put it on 140 degrees for 30 more minutes. The crust is only slightly burnt, and the inside is nicely cooked. Disaster averted.

So this is my end result:
*attempts to upload picture*

It looks like a bum because that’s where I originally poked the fork into it to check how it’s cooking. Looks delicious, no?

Happy Canada Day!


I <3 Nature

Yesterday, on my way to work, I was biking behind the hotel to park my bike, and a bug flew into my face. It was a pretty big bug, and I wasnt hurt, but I wonder about the bug…

And then, on my way home, I got pooped on by a bird. T.T Bird poop is really gross, warm and wet or dry and crusty.

And top that all off with a day of full classes, two of three trial students signed up!! score future employment for Jenn!


Last month in the news, I read a story about scientists who had been able to create synthetic life. And then the subsequent debates about whether or not this is “appropriate” or not by the pundits and laymen.

It is really amazing that scientists have become able to do this. After many tests and trials and failures, they have finally succeeded. Not quite on the same level as our Creator, but it’s a good step forward. Maybe one day, humans will be able to create life?

But is this really a good thing? I don’t see a huge problem with it, because, after all, we are designed with God in mind an He is the ultimate creator. It took Him just a word, and it was. He just had to think it into being, and it was. It was so easy for Him. It took God six days (!!) to create the Whole Universe, plants, animals, water, humans, air, all the complex life-systems on our planet, and who knows if there is other life on other planets? It is not beyond God’s capabilities to create multiple life-sustaining planets. They could even be of a different variety then then life we know. “Aliens” are definitely a possibility.

And God’s power is so much greater than our own. “It’s an impressive trick, no doubt, but replicating a natural genome with a little panache is also the limit of our present design capabilities” (quote from article). After decades and decades of study and research, we have finally begun to understand the world and universe we live in. After years of experimenting, scientists are only able to just start creating a genome.

Creating is in our genes. We create so many things on a daily basis: delicious meals, art, music, babies, the list goes on. It’s no wonder that we are curious about creating life!

I look forward to seeing what else we will create.

to the afore-article mentioned:
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an interesting YouTube video about the origins of the universe

World Cup

I have recently realized how much I love to watch (and play, but that happens very seldom) sports. It is now 1:44 AM, and I have just started to watch a re-run of the Japan-Netherlands football game. I’m not going to get much sleep tomorrow, because I have church in the morning, but I dont mind.

Crazy, hey?

I just wish I could find my lip chap!!!


I just watched 2012. Interesting movie. It’s like, Armageddon meets Titanic meets Noah’s Ark. And the good guy always gets saved. Is there a movie where the good guy actually dies??