World Cup

I have recently realized how much I love to watch (and play, but that happens very seldom) sports. It is now 1:44 AM, and I have just started to watch a re-run of the Japan-Netherlands football game. I’m not going to get much sleep tomorrow, because I have church in the morning, but I dont mind.

Crazy, hey?

I just wish I could find my lip chap!!!


3 thoughts on “World Cup

  1. Me says:

    You still call it “lip chap”?!!

    • pompernikkle says:

      what else is it called?

      • Me says:

        It’s called chap stick! Chap stick is for chapped lips. It is a humourous reminder to me of the evolution of a child’s language skills. Sometimes words stick in our minds and remain useful.
        A younger family I knew when I was a teen used the word ‘amn’t” instead of am not. (:

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