baking espanola

This year, well, since I turned 24, I have decided to try at least one new recipe every month. Last month was pumpkin bread, and this month was delicious cinnamon bun sugar cookies. The minute I saw the recipe on the internet, I knew I just had to try to make these! And they worked out really well! Although, as usual, I get confused with the American recipe and Japanese measurements, but all was well! Check it out:

cinnamon bun sugar cookies!

This picture doesn’t display the full glory of seven dozen, or the heavenly aroma wafting through my apartment, but you’ll have you let your imagination do that part. 頑張って!^^



For the last two nights, I’ve had dreams about one particular topic, and now I wonder if there’s more to it than my dreams.

On Friday night, I dreamed that my older sister had some snacks (something small, like potato chips) and said that our little sister could have some, but I couldn’t, for no particular reason. But I had some anyway, because I thought her rule was unreasonable. And, I wanted some. ^^

On Saturday night, I dreamt that one of my Kumamoto church friends was getting married to my elementary school church friend. I used to date him, we had even gotten engaged (in my dream!), but had broken up. But I still felt that he should still be my boyfriend. So when everyone in church (there were lots of Kumamoto church friends there) was upstairs, I took my friend’s ring from her bag and started wearing it. After one day, I felt really weird about it, so I talked to another KHC friend, and she was very sympathetic. She told me that I just wanted some jewelery and would buy me some. I decided to put the ring back, because I didnt want the real couple to see what I was doing. My other friend was really proud of me.
Then, a Gospel choir was coming to do a special concert, and I met a really fat guy from Canada. He didnt understand why I was so excited to meet someone from Canada.
Then, I was getting on a plane to go to Japan. It was the second trip in six months, because this time, my boss had paid for me to go. It was even a first class ticket!! But I found myself in economy, anyway (and me and my seat mates had made friends with the flight attendant, who looked a lot like Sarah Jessica Parker…). So on the plane they had a booth with a wide open space — no seats there — with a podium for the flight attendants. I went up to there, as the airplane was taking off, and told them of the mistake. They asked to see my ticket, so I showed them the e-ticket I had printed off. It said economy, and I thought, “What, this cant be right! I really should be in first class!” And then I noticed the date on the e-ticket, which said 3/19. Oh, this was the e-ticket from my last trip to Japan. The bald flight attendant was surprised that I was going to Japan again so soon! But they were going to fix the problem and move me to first class.

So, that’s three dreams (two in one night!) about at first not getting what is rightfully mine, or what I deserve. Although I am generally of the opinion that sinful man deserves nothing, and what I have is also my brothers’, a part of me does still adhere to the idea of deserving something. And I’m really curious if these dreams mean something. God, show me!