Dreamt last night that I went back to prov, and everyhing had changed.. They took down the new building, they added a bunch of playgrounds, and it looked more like a summer camp than a college. So I met larisa, SJ, and loreena and we were gonna meet somewhere to go swimming. I didn’t bring my suit, but loreena said it was okay. My suit was in the car. Then we had to walk through the campus: there were jungle gyms and tree houses.. We got to the edge of a forest and had to walk down a path. The swimming pool turned out to be a hole in the forest. So we fell asleep beside the swimming hole and the next morning, we were gonna play baseball against the city team. Yeah, just the four of us. SJ brought our baseball clothes, and prepared a plan. But she made the plan out of something like jello. But it was sturdier and not edible. And the baseball fields weren’t yet ready to be played on.


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