#14: Translate a sermon

Last week, we had a mochi-making party after church. I was just about to go home after stuffing myself with mochi (well, I had three pieces. And three onigiri. I was STUFFED), when my pastor asked me if I would translate the sermon next week at 242. Of course, I freaked out, because my Japanese isn’t great yet, but I wanted to try. So he gave me his notes, Minako helped me with the kanji that I didn’t know, and I took it home to translate. That was really interesting! For the past three or so years at church, I hadn’t really been listening to the sermon, except for when someone translated it for me. So the chance to really get to know what the heck Yoji was talking about was nice.

I spent about four hours over the week translating the sermon, and getting ready for translating. It was easy to translate it on paper, but the thought of doing it live at church was scary. Because there were a couple people there who could speak both languages better than me, so they would know when I messed up.

Also, Yoji speaks really fast when he gets excited, and anyway, there are still so many words that I don’t know in Japanese (example: 哲学, which I learned means philosophy). So translating the message from the paper is easy, but I knew Yoji would want to tell another story too.

Before the sermon, we, as usual, had a time of worship. And during the worship, I was praying that God would help me, because I was getting more and more nervous.

I felt that God was really getting ready to use me. This is what I had been preparing for. This is the reason for studying Japanese so much. I should have faith, because whether I mess up or not, God is Good, and He will be glorified. God will get His message across through Yoji, through me, to the people of the nations.

So I got up there. I translated the sermon, and of course Yoji started telling a story about when he was in high school, and it wasn’t so bad. The people who came to the church are much kinder to me than I am. Damn you, perfectionism!!

God is good all the time!


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