*Note, please forgive the bad punctuation/grammar. Whenever I press a key on the keyboard for punctuation, it enters something totally different from what the key says!

The past couple weeks have been crazy. In moving out of my apartment, goal Friday, actually happened on Sunday, I have been so busy, and then with finishing work and going to the youth camp in Kumamoto, then going to Kyoto and Tokyo, I have finally been able to settle down, catch up on some sleep and rest for a bit! Except last night, this girl in my “dorm” woke me up at 4.30 because she was snoring. Loudly. Ugh, what a way to start the day!

Anyway, lets review last week.
Saturday was my last day of work, and so I was playing games with the students, and taking lots of pictures. At least until my battery died, and I didnt bring my cord to recharge with me. Bummer. But I still got all the pictures I wanted. After work, I was not in a hurry to leave, because I didnt really want to say goodbye to everyone, and I was really full from lunch still, so I figured Id try to arrive before 7.30, just in time for the service to start. I didnt tell anyone that I was going to be so late, so my friend phoned and offered to pick me up, but I took the bus anyway, and got there a bit after seven. I was talking to her on the stairs to the second floor of the church, when one of the guys opened the door, saw us on the stairs, and quickly shut the door again. Everybody suddenly got much quieter. But I tried to ignore it, and Kinu and I talked for a few more minutes. I guess they were getting impatient because they checked two more times before Kinu just went up the stairs, closed the door and went in. I was pretty sure that there was a party, and sure enough when I walked in, they shouted and had party crackers, and then we had a soubetsukai, farewell party. Ahh, Im going to miss everyone at 242.

Sunday was my last service in Kumamoto Harvest Church for awhile, too. They prayed for me, and I made a speech, and nothing else was really different from that. Even though I couldnt really understand a lot of Yojis messages on Sunday morning, Im really going to miss his sermons. He is a very passionate pastor.

I had to run lots of errands on Monday — going to work to get my last paycheck, go to city hall to tie up loose ends, go out for lunch with a friend, have an impromptu meeting with another friend before I go, say goodbye again to everyone at work, go back to my friends place, where I was staying inbetween moving out of my aparto and leaving Kumamoto and cook them dinner. Tiring day, and I wasnt able to go to the post office or get my train ticket to Kyoto, but it all worked out in the end.

I spent Tuesday morning packing and re-packing my suitcases, until they were finally 23 kgs. I ended up having to send two boxes… one to Ontario, one to Manitoba. I hope they arrive promptly and in good condition! I said goodbye to c and j tuesday afternoon and went to the J-impact camp with my church until Thursay morning. So much happened at the camp, I think Ill have to write another blog just about the camp. For now, let me just say it was amazing, and I did UPGRADE. Now, I hope and pray that I will stay upgraded and not revert back to my old self.

I was originally planning on going to Fukuoka with the FHC members and stay in an internet cafe overnight, but my pastor got wind of those plans and invited me to stay with his family Thursday night instead. I made them pizza, my trademark, and they made okonomiyaki. Kinu also came over, and we talked a bit about speaking in tongues, and had lots of fun.

Friday morning, Kyoko took me to nishi nihon ticket so I could get a cheaper train ticket to Kyoto, but they didnt have any for friday, only saturday, so I bought a ticket to fukuoka. So I got on a train that went right to shin-osaka and then took a local train to kyoto. I found my hostel, checked in and stored my luggage, then went to kinkakuji, the golden temple. It was nice to walk around in the wooded area around the temple.

Saturday morning, I woke up, skyped with sj for a few minutes before she got sick and I had to check out. I went to Kyoto station to meet some old students for lunch. We ate obanzai, a specialty in kyoto. You order a main dish, and they have a buffet for the side dishes. It was so good and I stuffed myself to the brim! Then they helped me figure out the bus/train to Tokyo, and fushimi inari shrine. Fushimi inari shrine is the famous one with lots of the red gates. The path of red tori went up a small mountain and into the woods, and I really enjoyed being in nature! I also think I finally got some happiness back. I have been so so so sad over leaving Kumamoto, seriously, why did I leave? I spent about an hour or so walking through that shrine, then took the train back to kyoto station, found some earrings that I have been wanting for a loong time, got my luggage, bought my shinkansen ticket to tokyo and left kyoto.

I saw a glimpse of Mt. Fuji on the ride up here, and am thinking about going to see it properly tomorrow. I did hear, hoever, that it is a two hour bus ride, so I might not. There are a fair few more long plane/bus trips in my near future. But I finally left tokyo station for my hostel at 7.00, met an old friend from high school, we havent seen each other in 8 years! She walked with my to my hostel and then after I checked in, we went to dinner. natsukashikatta! I invited her to come with me to church Sunday morning, and so we made plans to meet in Harajuku station at 12.45.

I was hoping to catch up on more sleep last night, but I was awoken at 4 fricken 30 because one of the girls in my dorm was snoring SO loudly. Am I really the only one who was woken up by it? Ugh. And Im a little surprised that I was able to type this whole post out, because this computer it pretty frustrating. It looks like a Japanese keyboard, but does not move like a Japanese keyboard.

So, until later.