Being Canadian Again

Well, it’s been about two months since I’ve arrived back in Canada. It’s been a whirl-wind adventure! The first three weeks was spent in southern Ontario, with the family. Two of my cousins got married, and so I got to see most of my extended family, which was beautiful. It was kind of weird, seeing my very pregnant sister for the first time. Exciting, definitely!

Then a day after my 25th birthday, I took the bus to Winnipeg. It was a very long 30 hour ride, but I survived. And it was worth it. After three years of separation, I was finally able to see my great friends again! God has given me a great job, too. Even though it’s far from my work, the bus comes in good time, even though I have to wake up super early, I get to walk lots too. It’s perfect for now. I’m working at a daycare, as an assistant, so I’m not teaching, but I’m using this chance to watch the teachers, learn and soak up the things that they are doing with the kids. God must be preparing me for working with kids later. After teaching mostly kids in Kumamoto, then working in a daycare in Winnipeg, something involving kids must be in my future.

But I still need to find a church here. I went to Mona’s Chinese church a few times, but I don’t want to go there every week. I need a more charismatic church. I hope I can find one soon. I really miss my church in Kumamoto!! I need to write more about my feelings of coming back. Today it’s just the normal, day-to-day stuff.

Till we meet again!